2015 Ford F150 CHANGES

Ford vehicle makers created the foremost well known vehicle the whole U. S. among the pickup trucks, and are continuing this 37 year long tradition with the new Ford F-series. The automaker introduced the Ford Atlas concept truck at the 2013 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Although shown just like a concept, it Instantly caught attention showing to the fans that 2015 Ford F150 Atlas meets their expectations concerning innovations that Ford engineers was reminded once the launch as to the 2014 Ford F150. Although in the very first moment it may seem that there are no changes to the model of 2014, surely there are improvements to atlas redesigned vehicle that make it more powerful and productive. Plan for the 2015 model is to make the 2015 Ford F150 Atlas extremely aerodynamic by changing yank grill to even bigger, and adding special vents that open and shut reckoning on the speed for when the vehicle is moving. They also featured some LED lighting for the headlights, but that is just small cosmetics.

2015 Ford F-150 side

Since 2015 model is going down on weight it may be brought in question his known aggressive look. Opting for different kind and a lot of different materials these powerful guys are getting their shape remodeled. Materials that are making those changes 2015 Ford F150 possible are aluminum and alternative light-weight materials that will affect its weight in only positive outcome by making it easier. Making sure that even 2015 Ford F150 gets its portion of aluminum, the vehicle maker decided to go wider on the frame and bed. Don’t think that Ford wasn’t thinking on the fuel economy, therefore, all this light materials usage is surely helping, but on the other hand it’s going to affect the starting price by making it bigger. It’s a fair bargain, we would add. Now the atlas is hitting aerodynamic pretty hard with active grills and wheel shutters that will close at high speed and adding the 8-speed shiftable automatic transmissions and 3.5 L base engine size with the V6 cylinders launches him into the spot of attention. But multi-level heating passenger seats with get 8-way power driver seat, combined with the ability to adjust the height of the seat all covered with the premium leather make the interior upscale, comfortable and pretty impressive.

2015 Ford F-150 Rear

To get where you need in time you plan, Ford made sure its navigation system is ready and packed. With 2015 Ford F150 you will get the destination guidance and some pretty nice adds like front and back parking sensors and also the rear view camera. To remain safe there are, aside of its own shape, dual front side-mounted airbags and also front and rear head airbags. Counting on the harsh competition like the Ram 1500 the Chevrolet Silverado and The Toyota Tundra, Ford really payed attention to details. For those who love a heavy-lifting truck that comes with luxurious yet strong design the 2015 Ford F150 debut should be on the January 2014 and the selling should start in the fall of the next year. These luxurious and powerful trucks are most certainly worth trying.

2015 Ford F-150 Interior

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